Insecure husbands

Women in india are subjected to frequent jurisdictions. Before marriage its the parents who want to control her so that she might get a good household to marry and after marriage its the in laws and husband who want her to work according to their whims and fancies. 

What i believe is that the parents shouldn’t make their girl independent if they subsequently want her to adjust according to others. She shouldn’t be given freedom to mingle with others so that she doesn’t have that desire to rise above. She should be kept indoors the maximum and made to do household work so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the future doing all these. 

She shouldn’t be allowed to make independent decisions bcoz after marriage she has to in any case be dependent on her partner’s decision. 

Life after marriage is far from what she expects. Its not all roses. It is THE REALITY of life. Harsh one on top of that. 

Your husband is a lot insecure if u earn more than him or are in a better position in the society. If people recognise u more hes bound to feel angry, insecure, egoistic and let down. That is basically the indian mentality with which they are raised up. 

U cannot take it on your shoulders to change that. U have to ultimately live with that because u are a mother now and u cant put the future of ur kids in a jeopardy. So u will adjust ur whole life. U will put ur ambitions, ur ego, ur self respect in a nutshell and tumble it. 

The society norms wont let u change ur situation. U cannot estrange him bcoz of ur growing up children or aging parents, so obviously u will adjust to his whims and fancies and bury ur inner goddess. 

Mayb some salt is still left to pep her up. Lets see what the future holds for her and she moves on with a relentless force…


Sedition in India

Today i want to share my views on this debate going on in my country. Some students( or so they call themselves) raised anti india slogans and our government classifying it as a sedition row put them behind the bars. But later the leader was let off( a big mistake) with a warning to behave properly. 

What happened as a result was that he came out and started speaking indiscriminately against the Indian government which showed him their tolerance and indian army too. The media here makes a hero of that person who according to my opinion should be thrown out of the country. 

These people dont need warnings. They need strict action. The whole Jawaharlal nehru university supports the illegal activities happening inside the campus with professors and teachers in their tow. They are literally enjoying all the comforts owing to the hard earned money of the indian tax payer and speaking and hatching plans against them at the same moment. Instead of gratitude they show attitude. This has to be regressed and the government needs to address this immediately. 

Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is a very capable man who has the power to change the future of india( literally). I believe in him as a responsible citizen of India. But he has to be strict in his decisions and hold onto them. The perpetrators should be given exemplary punishment so that no anti national forces can rise against him or for the matter rise agianst my country. 

I proudly defend my country and proudly stand in defiance of the same. Long live my country. 


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Haa haa haa… No likes here and my fb post is full of likes.. Mayb bcoz i dint publish my pic. Let it be anonymous only. I am loving this writing so much. Its giving me a new high everyday. May b someday i will find a topic and write on that. 


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